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Learn the dogging ettiquete

For all players and displayers please learn the dogging etiquette once you have learned the basic rules you just know your going to have the tie of your lives. The dogging etiquette has only been around for a few years and with more dogging contacts having dirty fun at carparks and countryside all over the UK these rules have saved a whole load of trouble. All newbies and regulars are welcome to come dogging with us in Leicester so if your up for a bit of horny fun tonight then join Leicesterdogging.co.uk today.

Safe Sex and Dogging

The most important rule you must always stick with is always use condoms buy a box share them out and stop STDS spreading.
If someone looks clean, that doesn’t mean they may not have an STD.
If a woman’s husband isn’t using a condom with her, that’s all the more reason you should.
Take Lube – Lube will make everyone more comfortable
Ladies take things slow and always stick to your limits
Couples know what you want and have a safe word in place use it if you want to get yourselves out there.

Personal Safety

Use caution and common sense at all times, Never put yourselves in sticky situations!
Never give any of your personal information out to anyone.
Arrange meetings in places you know of, Always know where the exits are!
Steer clear of seedy areas where hookers and police patrol on a regular basis,
When leaving a dogging meet dont go straight home take a different route or drive a round for a while to make sure no one has followed you.

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